Hanover Park

Hanover Park
2592 Old Oxford Rd
Hamilton, OH 45013

This parks just makes you feel warm inside. I seriously got a helping dose of nostalgia and the “warm and fuzzies” here today! I don’t know if it’s the old school wooden benches, the beautiful trees or the country atmosphere surrounding the park – but it is a “feel good” kind of park. This park is located just outside of downtown Hamilton and honestly – it is well worth a thirty minute drive to get to it.


Several play structures – some of which are very unique. They have two traditional play structures – a “big kid” and a toddler structure. When looking at the pictures within this post – the gray/beige structure is the toddler structure and the colorful one is the big. Both structures include several slides, ladders, tunnels. The structures are adjacent to one another.

Unique Features

So many fun features here!! They have an adorable wooden train for kids to play in. It’s very large and actually has seats for the kids inside of the train cars. There is also a neat ship play structure with a small “fireman’s pole” to move between the upper and lower level. I climbed into the lower level and expected it to be filthy and full of bugs – but this park gets some love from the Township and was very clean. A big truck structure is next to the ship. It has seats, a slide, steering wheel and stick for shifting gears. All three unique play structures were in excellent condition. There are also some sit on diggers and ride on dinosaurs!


Some accessibility. Wheelchair swing, harness swing and some ground level play features.


Baby swings, traditional swings, wheelchair swing, harness swings.


Plenty of tables and benches nearby. Large picnic shelter next to modern play structures. There is also a beautiful large gazebo (which can be rented through Hanover Township) just outside of the playground area.

Potty Training

Outhouse style restrooms next to playground. Not ideal. They were clean…as clean as those things can be at least. No changing table.


Playground has some fencing/barriers but is located at the corner of two fairly busy streets. The playground is a good distance from the roads and I did not feel unsafe. Parking lot is next to playground. Small rope to post fence separates parking lot from playground.

Walking Path

Half mile walking path. Lots of benches and pretty trees along the path.

This park does have a strict No Pets policy near the play equipment. Dogs are welcome on the paths but not in the playground. Several large signs indicate this – so you will not be able to plead ignorance on this. Leave the pups at home if you plan on playing.