Shaffer’s Run Community Park

Shaffer’s Run Community Park

6485 Vonnie Vale Ct, Hamilton, OH 45011

New Park! Well..not exactly a new park.

But a newly renovated park and it is BEAUTIFUL and near perfection.

This is a work in progress and during our visit this morning – the swings were not yet installed. It is my understanding that the swings will be installed today (7-9-19).

Secondly – currently only the “big kid” structure is renovated and installed. The older structure (green in the pictures below) is going to be replaced with a toddler structure within the next several months as well. This park will receive a second review when the project is at 100% completion.

In general – I found the layout of this playground to be nicely compact. It was easy to keep track of two children at once – even when they were participating in different activities.

Let’s Start With the Concept Art

This is what the final product is anticipated to look like. The trees in the background are a little deceiving as it is a parking lot rather than trees – but the general idea looks great. This park has a lot of green space.

New “Big Kid” Structure

This structure is new and loads of fun.

I love the color scheme and I haven’t come across too many structures using these colors. But they are bright and beautiful.

It has drums, climbing walls, steps, monkey bars, ladders (of various design and abilities), several slides (covered, open air, tall, short), as well as some unique climb through tunnels that are actually on a gradient upward and have an almost “step-like” feature to them. These tunnels were one of my kids’ favorite parts of this new play structure due to both the challenge of climbing up, but also the fun of coming back down. My daughter also enjoyed peeking through the holes at me. Plenty of shade on this structure due to some large canvas umbrellas over the top.

There is also a unique “X” rope ladder connected to the structure (pictured below). I have never seen anything like this at a playground before and my 4 year old was able to navigate it safely (and it was probably his favorite park of the entire playground).

The only slight negative that I can come up with for this structure is that younger children (under age 2) only have one way up and that’s one set of steps. The ladders are a bit challenging for this age group as well as the “rocky steps”. This structure, however, is not really intended for the younger crowd.


The Older Structure

This structure will be replaced with a toddler-friendly structure in the next few months.

Honestly – the older structure isn’t bad. It’s actually quite nice.

It has ladders, a fireman’s pole (one of my favorites but a rare find), plenty of slides. It lacks the expansive shade provided by the canvas umbrellas on the new structure, but does have a dome that provides some shade.

The rock wall on this structure is impressive.


This park features some of those bounce ride-on animals.

There are also tennis courts and a basketball hoop available at this park.

Plenty of open grass space for kicking a ball around as well.


No major safety issues. I will note that the playground is next to a dog park. The dog park is separated by a chain-link fence and some distance, but be mindful that little fingers don’t make their way over to the fence.

The ground is rubber under the new structure. There are some mulch areas.

Park is located next to a police station – so that’s a plus.


Plenty of parking.

Parking lot is a safe (but manageable) distance from the play area and is separated by grassy open space.


This is not an accessible playground.


Not installed at the time of this review. Will update accordingly when installed.

Potty Training

Fairfield Township does an amazing job with their parks and access to running water restrooms. Liberty Township seems to really lack in this department (Dudley Memorial Park, Fort Liberty, The Reserves). Running water restroom directly next to the playground. Clean. The women’s restroom did have a changing table.

Picnic and Seating

Covered picnic tables under a shelter are available with a charcoal grill. There are also picnic tales under canvas shade between the play structures. Several long benches are located near the play area.

Make a Day of It

Play at the park and then head over to one of the restaurants along Princeton Rd. for lunch. There is also a Culver’s nearby for a Frozen treat after a hot afternoon at the park.

This park is enjoyable. It’s well-designed for both parents and children. Very little negative to say. As we were leaving, my son asked if we could come back to this park tomorrow – which says more about this park than anything I could write.

Well done Fairfield Township.