Kid Clubhouse

Kid Clubhouse

865 W. Central Ave

Springboro, OH 45066

Okay, I admit – Kid Clubhouse is not in Cincinnati, but it’s a quick trek up I-75 and only about 20 minutes North from Liberty Township/West Chester so I think it’s fair game for this review page.

The PlayStructure

The play structure at Kid Clubhouse is fairly standard.

It has some bumpy ramps to climb, a triple side, an enclosed slide, a few crawl through tunnels and a few extra funsies such as air guns to battle it out with friends.

What I especially like about this structure is the layout. It’s pretty easy to sit in one spot here and see through the entirety of the play structure. There are no hidden nooks and crannies for your child to hide in while you scramble to find them for twenty minutes as you break into a cold sweat (I’ve been there..I know how that goes).  My petite three year old was able to navigate the structure without any difficulty and I saw some younger ones making their way through as well.

Toddler Area

The designated toddler area is adjacent to the main play structure. The location makes it very easy for a little one to play while you watch your older child. This toddler area is for 3 and under, but I can’t imagine many 3 year old preferring that toddler area when the ginormous play structure is right there. It’s definitely more for crawlers + new walkers and has plenty of toys for them to play with as well as a very small climbing structure + slide.  It’s perfect when accompanying an older sibling.

Excuse the sloppy picture – but this area was full of little ones during our entire visit and it is always my goal to make sure other people’s children are not unknowingly front and center on this page.


Great visibility here. Dress your kid in a nice bright color and you’ll have no problem watching them navigate through the play structure. My son was in bright yellow today and I could see him bouncing in the bounce house when I was clear on the other side.

They do issue matching wrist bands as a “child check” mechanism. No one actively checked our wrist bands as we left, but the same staff member that checked us in did wave goodbye – I am assuming she just remembered us.


Rest rooms are located right off the main play area. Both men and women’s are equipped with changing tables as well as little stools so smaller kids can actually reach the sinks.

They have a designated private room for nursing with a couple of rockers and changing tables. It is also right off the play room and clearly marked.

Seating and Food

Nothing remarkable with the food here. It’s pre-packaged snacks and bottled drinks. All reasonably priced at just a buck or two. I wish they had at least some nachos or soft pretzels as I’m always a sucker for a good soft pretzel. On the flip side – you are allowed to bring in your own food and this place is surrounded by fast food joints (Seriously – which came first the KFC or the Popeye’s here?). They do ask that you refrain from bringing in peanut products.

Plenty of seating. I planted my butt on a cushioned black chair and stayed there for nearly two hours. There were also plenty of tables if you bring along a lunch.

What Makes This Place Stand Out

It seems like a new children’s play place is popping up in this area every couple of months and I’m definitely not complaining about that. But at the end of the day, you have to decide who gets your money.

One advantage of Kid Clubhouse is that the bounce house is always open for everyone. Many play places use the bounce houses as a party perk and it can be a tear-inducing when your three year old just does not grasp that they are not a member of the birthday party that day. Kid Clubhouse does only have one inflatable but it was refreshing to not have to police my child to chill on asking for the off limit inflatable.

The party rooms here are some of the best that I have seen. They do have a bit of a “sterile” office look to them, but that’s nothing that a copious amount of balloons and birthday decor can’t fix.  Unlike many places, these party rooms are located directly off the play area. You aren’t led down some dark hallway on the other side of the building as some of these facilities are designed. Your guests can easily come and go throughout the duration of your 90 minute allotted party room time.

The giant projector screen located near the snack bar would be pretty sweet to watch a Bengal’s game on and on the other side of the spectrum of life – there is a work station located near the play area with USB charging ports.

You are able to exit and re-enter same day with your wrist band. Having a great morning but need to take a break for a mid-day nap? No problem.

Final Thoughts

This place (which had the unfortunate timing of opening near the start of the Covid-19 pandemic) is a great addition to the play place economy growing here in the greater Cincinnati area. We stayed for nearly 2 hours and my two (age 3 and 6) could have easily stayed for hours longer.

Admission is $10 for ages 3 – 12, 2 and under are $5 and non-mobile infants are free with another child. I wish they had a discount punch pass for multiple visits.

The relatively compact layout of this place makes it easy with multiple children. You don’t feel like you are abandoning your child if you stop by the snack bar or take a quick bathroom break. It is definitely designed with parents and children in mind.