Sharon Woods: Adventure Station

Sharon Woods Adventure Station
11450 Lebanon Rd
Sharonville, OH 45241


4 per kid ages 2 to 12. Under 2 is free. (Plus yearly parking pass for Hamilton County Parks).

I choose my indoor adventures carefully. With two kids that are two years apart (3 and 1) – it can be difficult to locate places where I can interact with both kids without leaving one totally abandoned and out of sight. And with my oldest being an “adventurer” aka he will walk right out the door without a care in the world – I gotta be vigilant.

I also prefer the whole free aspect of outdoor playgrounds. 🤣

I came here looking for a ball pit – so many pictures of this place feature a ball pit – but I couldn’t find it – so my guess is that it has been removed.

Play Structure

This place is essentially one large play structure. It is two floors. The bottom is mostly where the slides let out and a few “caves” with “Stalactite punching bags” hanging to make it seem legit. They also have a tiny baby area with “bead” toys – the wooden toys that you string beads along the metal tracks as well as a farm hanging slider on the wall. There is a smaller slide with padded platforms to reach it on this bottom level.

The top is where most of the action is. It can be accessed 3 different ways. There is a very steep staircase in the middle of the play area, a regular staircase in a corner and a disability access elevator.

Top Level

The top level is where most of the action is. It has several play areas. They have a grocery shop – with no groceries – but there is a cash register. There is a stable complete with saddle set-up and stage coach wagon,a jail and several slides that start at the top and empty on the bottom level. There are tunnels to crawl through and bird nests to hang out in.


There is an accessible elevator to get you to the top level and the play shop area could be navigated by a wheelchair.

Safety Issues:

1) This place is very dark – especially the bottom level. I kept waiting for the “lights to come on” since we got there right at opening – but it stayed pretty dark the entire time. It was a bit depressing at first but it grew on me after awhile. Full disclaimer – I actually lightened a lot of these pictures because it is just SO dark.

2) The steps to go up are very steep. So steep that they actually only allow you to go up – not down. These steps are labeled in the pictures. My 3.5 year old made it up ok – but I think it would have made me nervous when he was 2 and far more clumsy. There is another set of regular steps in the corner – but these are going to be more attractive to kids and could turn into a battle.

3) Slippery!!!! Oh man. The wood at the top of the steep steps is soooo slippery. It’s like they just polished it. My 3.5 year old fell at least a dozen times and I caught myself once or twice.


Visibility is terrible here due to the two level format. The room is entirely enclosed with an attendant sitting at the door to block potential escapees so that made me feel more at ease. I followed my 3.5 year old around for awhile until he got his “pattern” down and then I let him roam. He would peek over at me from the top and I could hear him stomping around.

Potty Training

Restrooms are nearby – a minute or two walk. Clean. Changing table in the accessible stall.


Plenty of parking at the entrance. There is also an outdoor playground just outside this building and a fun bridge to view small waterfalls from.


This place is available as a party rental at a very reasonable price. 120 for 1.5 hours in the party room + an additional 35 dollars for a nature program. 10 children.

It was a fun play area and the price was right. I would be reluctant to bring a two year old who has just enough independence to try some riskier things (going up and down the steep steps despite being told no for example) unless you intend to follow them the entire time.