Voice of America

Voice of American Park
7850 VOA Park Drive
West Chester, Ohio 45069

Even when it’s cold outside – fresh air is so good for us. I’m a firm believer in bundling up and getting out there for Fall and Winter fun. That being said – I don’t recommend this after the heavy rainfall we had for two days. The slides weren’t just wet…they had mini lakes at the bottom of them! Saturated pants for the major loss.


A large play structure and a toddler play structure. Several slides, bridges, ladders and rock climbing structures. I have a love/hate relationship with the large play structure. While I love the general size of it – plenty of room for kids of all ages to enjoy. I hate how tall it is. Has anyone experienced a taller outdoor play structure than this one? A set of ladders leads to the very top level – and it is not a good time when a two year decides to climb up the ladder and then refuse to come back down the ladder or the long long long slides. The height of the play structure does it make better for older kids. Extra thrills and hang out areas for them.

The toddler structure is fun and to the point. It had a small sturdy slide, a rock climbing structure, steps.


Two regular swings and two baby swings next to play structures.


This is not an accessible playground.

Unique Features

So many climbing features here! Ladders, rock walls, steps and more.


Adjacent to a lake. A ranch style fence and grass provides separation. Large Parking lot is nearby. Soft ground.


It’s not bad here on a non busy day – however – this park gets very “popping” in the summer time and I would have a hard time keeping track of more than one child here.


Some shaded benches and a picnic table near play structure. There is also a nice gazebo on the lake at this park – which is available when not reserved by a private group and has a lot of tables.

Potty Training

Indoor restrooms with changing table within a 3 minute walk.


Paved walking path surrounds the lake. It is a rather hilly path.

Who else doesn’t mind braving Autumn and Winter weather for some park time?