Beckett Park: An Old West Sensation!

Beckett Park
8558 Beckett Rd
West Chester, OH 45069

This park is new to me, but I like to visit a park several times before posting a review. Every park has a culture and I like to take that culture in. We have been to this park several times this week – because I was so excited to post a review for it.

Of note – This park does attract quite a few daycare/summer camp grounds – so it can go from “empty” to absolutely packed on some summer days within minutes of the bus rolling in.

Play Structures

Two play structures and a swing set. One toddler play structure that features a climbing wall, steps and a slide. Both structures have an old west vibe to them – with a barn and wagon wheels. One is a “5 to 12 year old” structure. It has several slides – covered and uncovered – ladders (normal and challenging), climbing structures, fireman’s pole, a telescope and imagination activities. The large and small play structures have some separation between them in the form of a path and grassy area. The ground is a soft synthetic material. The structures are well designed. The structure is well shaded due to having a roof over several portions.


Accessible swings with harness system, baby swings, big kid swings

Unique Features

Ride on bouncy horses in the toddler area to match the old west theme – so bring those cowgirl and cowboy hats!


Fully accessible playground – ramps and accessible swings with harness system.


Near playground with ranch style fence dividing the playground from the parking.


There really is not a bad place to sit at this park. Play area is easily seen from underneath covered picnic area. Several benches surround the structure and provide visibility. My favorite spot is on a stone wall underneath a tree. Nice shade.


When I initially reviewed this park – I did not have any safety concerns with this park. With many, many, many more visits – I do advise some caution in regards to the distance of the playground to the parking lot. While the parking lot is small with very slow-moving cars – it might be best to position yourself near the area between the parking lot and the structure if you’ve got an explorer.

There is a small “ravine” at the back of this structure, behind the swings. It’s not very deep and older kids enjoy exploring it – but it can be a muddy mess after a spring rain. 


Multiple picnic tables under covered shelter. Shelter is not reservable.

Potty Training

Fully functional running water restrooms with drinking fountains located adjacent to playground in the covered picnic shelter. They are well maintained and maintenance does a great job of changing out the trash cans at this park.


Paved walking path – mostly in the sun with small portions of shaded area.

This park is beautiful. Large wedding rental barn located on the drive in. Several ponds with fountains. Large patches of open green grass. It feels peaceful being set back from the road – so no traffic noise. The design of the structure seems to promote cooperative play as all the kids seemed to enjoy sliding down after one another. Many children had bikes and rode around the structure while siblings played.

This park appears to be quite popular for picnics as several new groups of people arrived each day around noon for picnics in the shelter.