Pine Hill Lakes Park: A Mason Beauty

Pine Hill Lakes Park
211 Kings Mills Rd
Mason, Ohio 45040



I swear at least half a dozen people recommended this park to me and I am so glad they did! Like the Blue Ash Nature Park – this park feels like a Park! Trees, walking paths, a couple of fishing ponds. It is beautiful, scenic and well kept. Mason really has an abundance of beautiful parks – and they are lucky to have both this one and Cottell.


A big kid structure and a toddler structure. They are next to one another. Toddler structure is very small with the cutest, tiniest little slide ever. Big kid structure is LARGE with several sets of slides and rock climbing walls. One thing I really liked about these structures is that they have several sets of actual steps with railings in addition to ladders to reach the top of the structures. This is great for younger kids to practice going up and down steps on a fun environment.


Ride on Dinosaur and dinosaur themed steps on toddler structure. Also hopscotch painted on the ground! When was the last time you saw a hopscotch?!?


This is not an accessible playground.


Two baby swings, two regular swings adjacent to playground.


Visibility is fairly good here. Dress your child in a bright color and it’s fairly easy to not lose track of them.


There is a pond in the vicinity of the play structure. It is separated by grass, a walking path, and a ranch style fence. It’s a fair distance though while I was coming down the path – a toddler made a run for it and got to the fence before being caught. Artificial rubber ground. Gray rock wall is very slippery when wet – if you come in the morning – bring a towel to dry off the morning dew!


Ample parking. Parking is separated from play area by grass.

Potty Training

Perfect scenario here – just like Cottell Park (lucky Masoners!) running water flush toilets with changing table next to playground. My wide double stroller fit into the restroom easily and changing table is located in the handicap stall.


Several covered picnic structures – both large and small. This park is unique in that it has single picnic tables with shelters over them directly next to the playground! Many benches located near structure.

This is a Pretty park! There isn’t a lot of negative to say about it. ❤