Harbin Park

Harbin Park

1300 Hunter Rd, Fairfield, OH 45014

Harbin Park is the heart of Fairfield – a place to retreat for a family picnic, some playground amusement or a peaceful walk. The park is relatively easy to miss. It’s tucked back off of pleasant, through a neighborhood, and up a hill. But it’s certainly not a small park and it is not one that should be overlooked.

Play Structure

100% honest. The play structures here at Harbin Park are extremely dated. The one toward the entrance of the park is tiny with one difficult ladder, a couple of slides, and a sandy floor. Don’t bother with it.

The second, larger (but not large) play structure is tucked back opposite the road from the overlook. It is also dated, but fun for the younger crowd. I’d say 1.5 to approximately age 6 would find it pretty entertaining. It has several slides, a fireman’s pole, a bridge some funky ladders, monkey bars. The ground is mulch covered. This playground is the type of playground where you can actually sit down at a picnic table and watch your children play from a distance. Even if they wander off from the playground, the area around the playground is wide open space with no immediate dangers. You’ll catch up to them easily. That is something truly golden about this playground and why it shouldn’t be entirely disregarded. Kids playing, limited work and walk around required for parents.


A++++ for visibility here. This structure is perfect for little kids to learn the rules of the playground and enjoy without us parents breathing down their neck and checking for location every two seconds. Just sit down at a picnic table and watch from there. Great visibility here.

Potty Training

Bathrooms are located adjacent to the larger play structure. No changing table available. They are flush toilets with a running sink.


No major safety issues here. The playground is pretty old-school so I’d advise 1.5 and up. Unsteady walkers might have some difficulty with the bridge if older kids are running across.


Parking is convenient. A short 2 to 3 minute walk with toddlers from the parking area to the larger playground. The smaller playground is only a one minute walk from parking – but…seriously – just by-pass that one.


The larger structure has an accessibility ramp – but I wouldn’t call it an accessible play structure. The ramp leads you directly to a tunnel which would be impossible for a child with significant physical disability to navigate.


There are swings located near both play structures. They do have an accessible swing, regular bench swings, and baby swings.


This park is the PERFECT picnic park. It is absolutely beautiful. Large mature trees provide plenty of shade. SO many picnic tables located near the play structure as well as throughout this beautiful wooded park. Plenty of grassy space if you want to go old school and throw down a blanket.

Shelters are also available for rental. Rates are very affordable for the shelters – only 75 dollars for non-residents on thee weekend. Shelters have access to park style charcoal grills.


Several options for walking. Paved paths and hiking trails.


A shockingly beautiful view in the middle of Fairfield. Who knew?


18-hole disc golf course, soccer fields, and a sand volleyball courts are all located within this park.

Final Thoughts

Harbin Park is a park. It’s not a playground destination. It’s the kind of place you go for a full experience. Play on the playground, swing, go for a walk, take a hike, ride bikes and have a picnic. It’s absolutely beautiful with plenty of shade, tables, and the sounds chirping birds fill the air rather than nearby expressways or the sounds of suburbia. While the playground may not be the best, the overall park is gorgeous and having large grassy areas to just run and play – that’s value – that’s worth something.

This is also the location for the yearly Red, White, & Kaboom 4th of July event.