The Harbor Park at Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods Harbor Playground
11450 Lebanon Rd
Sharonville, Oh 45241

Just call me Moana…I am drawn to water. Sit me next to a lake, an ocean – even a puddle of rain water and I’m a happy person. Playgrounds with a body of water make my soul happy – but they also make me a little nervous with my sneaky daredevil of a child – so Sharon Woods is perfect. While the lake can be easily viewed from the general vicinity of the Playground area – it is not easily accessible. Everybody wins.

This might be my favorite park in Hamilton County and is definitely a “Destination Playground” meaning it is worth the drive!


This playground aims to please everyone. They have a small toddler set with baby swings and a larger play set for preschoolers and up! The play structures offer several slides in various sizes, climbing walls, monkey bars, pretend play stations and more. The ground is a soft synthetic material to prevent those nasty scraped knees that are no fun to deal with. Several musical instruments are available through the structure as well as “bubble windows”

Unique Features:

1) A snack bar is adjacent to the play structure and offers delicious treats throughout the summer.
2) Fun rock structure positioned between the two play structures. A prehistoric cat is mounted on top for photo ops. My almost three year old was able to navigate the structure with ease but I did see a few younger tots take a tumble.


No major safety concerns here. Playground area is pretty well fenced in.


Parking lot is large and very convenient to playground. It is separated from the playground by an ample amount of space + fencing.


Very easy to keep track of kids here. I mostly stood in the shade of the pavilion with my little girl but there are several vantage points to keep an eye out from.


Great area for a picnic. Several pavilions with picnic tables offer shade as well as various picnic areas throughout the park for a more private picnic experience. The tables immediately next to the snack bar are to be used by snack bar patrons only during operating hours.

Potty Training

This park hits the jackpot when it comes to bathrooms. Two bathrooms are adjacent to the playground. One of them is a unisex restroom with several stalls including two handicap accessible stalls. Inside of each stall is a long bench – perfect for toddlers to sit while mom or dad takes care of their own business.


General play area is easily accessible – but play structure is not.

Water Features

This particular playground does have water features which (during warm weather) are turned on and not separated from the general play area by any sort of boundary or fence. There are a few wet sprayers from the ground as well as a “stream” that runs through the area and does puddle some water from the sprinklers.

There are several other smaller playgrounds located throughout Sharon Woods and an indoor playground as well. The park is beautiful – very scenic and just a joy to drive through. One could easily spend the better part of a day just enjoying this park in its entirety. We spent two days here this week already!

This park does require a Hamilton County Decal.

It is 10 dollars for county residents and 14 for those of us outside of Hamilton County.