Home of the Brave Park

Home of the Brave Park

11605 Lebanon Road (45140)

This park is a bit of a “jack of all trades”. No single portion of this park is particularly stand out, but when you look at the big picture – all the pieces create a park that is near perfection. Clean bathrooms, unique play structure, splash pad, and a walking path for an adventure.

The Playstructure


The structure here is very whimsical and actually reminds me of the tree at Glenwood Gardens.

The slides and climbing elements are made to look like a tree with some fun finds such as a friendly spider. While not quite as immersive as the Highfield Discovery Garden, I do appreciate the extra creativity in creating a forest atmosphere as it makes the playground blend in more naturally with the beauty surrounding it.

There are several covered and open slides on the main structure.  It is accessible via ramp, ladder, climbing wall.  There are also several “stand alone” climbing features surrounding both the toddler and the big kid play set.

Underneath the play structure is a very small “hole in the trunk” hideaway which my child enjoyed showing to every single kid that arrived as if he had been the first one to discover it. It is definitely a crowd favorite.

It is a well-shaded structure both by design as well as by the natural landscapes surrounding it.

There is also a very small toddler play structure next to the large structure. It is perfect for children 2 and under.

Splash Pad

This playground features a splash pad directly next to the dry playsets. I would imagine this is a park that you should just come dressed to be wet during the summer months as I cannot imagine trying to keep kids away from the temptation of the splash when it is right there.


It is not fenced, however, it not near any busy roads. There is a parking lot with some landscaping separation between the playground and the parking.  There is a pond within this park, however, it is a great distance from the playground area. It is not even visible from the playground.

This play structure does not have many “walk off the edge” areas.

Rubber Flooring.

There are some

The large structure features many “nook and cranny” areas due to the tree design. It is VERY easy to lose track of your kid here especially when it is busy. There are not, however, any major hazards nearby so I did feel safe even when I lost sight of my impulsive wanderer.

Walking Paths

This park is great for walking. There is a significant amount of paved walking paths, perfect for stroller pushing. The paved paths offer limited shade, so come early or late if it’s going to be a hot day.

There are also some gravel paths that are a bit more scenic through the woods and around the pond.


Swings are located in between the playsets so it is easy to be pushing a child on the swing while keeping an eye on another child on either playset or the splash area. Two baby swings, two regular swings. No accessible swing. Swings were in good condition.

Potty Training

Flush toilets RIGHT NEXT TO THE PLAYGROUND. Very clean with a changing table in the accessible stall. This park has the perfect bathroom situation.


While this structure does feature a ramp, it’s a bit of a “ramp to nowhere” with a child has severe physical limitations. It would allow them to access a small portion of the tree, but not much beyond that.

Picnic/Shelter Reservation

Only one shelter here and it is directly next to the playgrounds. It is covered with picnic tables underneath. It is available for reservation. Beside this shelter are some stand-alone tables with umbrellas. It is absolutely ideal for a snack stop while playing, but I wouldn’t necessarily come to this park just to picnic.

There are a lot of benches around the play structures. They are well maintained – some in shade, some without any protection from the sun. The benches provide good views of the play structure.

This park is a 25 to 30 minute drive from my home, but I did not regret the drive at all. We spent several hours on the playground and exploring the walking paths. This park is also full of youth baseball fields and the walking path weaves in and around the fields, so if you come at the right time, you might catch a game or two happening.