Pumpkins, Mazes and Treats at Entertrainment Junction

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Entertrainment Junction and one of my favorite events on their calendar is the Jack O’Lantern Junction! If you’re only ever going to visit this place once – October is a great time to do so as the place is totally immersed in fall fun.

When Entertrainment Junction does something, they don’t just do it – it’s full effort theming. Not only is there a separate Halloween set-up here for the month of October, but the year-round train displays have also gained additions in the form of Halloween decor and a Jack O’Lantern scavenger hunt. My kids enjoyed searching through train displays (that they have seen hundreds of time) to find some pumpkin pals.

In addition to spookyfying the train displays, you can also Trick or Treat through a haunted maze. I 100% promise you that there are no jump scares though the entrance may look a bit intimidating to smaller patrons. My 4 and 6 year old both needed to be coaxed inside with the information that the treats were inside the maze and they weren’t getting treats without going on the adventure. There are also coloring sheets, a talking pumpkin, and one of the best Halloween village displays I have EVER seen.

Best bet to avoid crowds here is to arrive at opening (10:00am) or a couple of hours before closing. In general, late morning through early afternoon is the busiest time. If this is a first and only visit – I’d allow yourself at least 3 hours. Kids can easily spend over an hour in the giant play area alone.

Bring cash/coins as some of the attractions are coin operated!