Rentschler Forest

Rentschler Forest
5701 Reigart Rd
Fairfield Township, Ohio 45011.

I know this park well. This is the first park my husband and I went to after moving into our home. We went for a hike that turned into a little bit of a trial in survival-ism as we got a bit twisted around and lost. We took our son here for a stroll on the paved path when he was a few days old. This is our park.

And when I started this page…this is the park I had in mind! So why am I just now getting to it? This park can get BUSY and I try to avoid showcasing kids’ faces in my pictures without permission. So I haven’t had much luck with getting the shots I wanted to really give this park the love it deserves.

This park is picturesque- especially in the fall.

And so we begin


This play structure is cute. It’s made to look like trees are sprouting from the top which really fits into the beautiful nature Of this park. The colors are mellow and comforting. There are several Slides, some pretend play elements like a shoppe window, swings, webbing, rock structure and some games.It is a relatively small structure when you compare it to a Cottell Park or a Summit Park and while the recommended ages are “5 to 12” – I really think it’s more of a 1 to 6 kind of structure.


There is an elevator feature with a platform that lowers to the ground when stepped on.


Two swings next to structure. No baby swings.


Not accessible – there are some ground features such as drums.


This park can be a little scary before your kid learns boundaries. The park lot is small and adjacent to the playground – separated only by some mounds with vegetation and flowers. There is also a river next to the play area – but they have now installed a fence between the river and playstructure making it much safer!

Potty Training

Bathrooms are across a small grassy field – however – they are the worst bathrooms of any park I have been to. Outhouse style with no doors!!!! There is a flush bathroom with a changing table a short 3 to 6 minute walk up the hill in a cute stone building. You pass it on the way to the playground.


Shaded picnic tables next to play structure, several large rentable picnic shelters throughout the park.


Paved walking trail, scenic. Several hiking trails.

This park does require a MetroParks pass Like Voice of America.

“All vehicles entering any MetroPark of Butler County are required to display a valid Motor Vehicle Permit (MVP.) Permits are FREE for Butler County residents. Non-Butler County residents can purchase a $10 annual permit, which is valid January 1st through December 31st of each year, or a $5 daily permit.”

There is a secondary playstructure toward the back end of the park – it is pictured here (red and blue). It is, however, not as nice and really only worth going to if the main structure is overwhelming crowded.