Trenton Community Park – remodeled (2022)

Trenton Community Park

440 Dell Dr, Trenton, OH 45067

While this park is not new – the playground was recently gutted and completely replaced in early 2022. And the refurbishment is very well done and makes this park worth a visit!

A True Community Park

I want to start off this review with what is my absolute favorite thing about Trenton Community Park. It really is a park that serves the community – living up to it’s name. While I am not a resident of Trenton, I live just a bit south of there, I need to give credit to this little city for coming together.

Spring through Fall – there are always events happening at this park. During the Spring, they have a community carnival with bounce houses, games, circus shows and vendors. During the summer, this park hosts “movies in the park” on select Saturdays. For example, on June 11th of 2022 – they will be hosting a viewing of “Encanto” and in September – everyone can put on their favorite witchy gear and enjoy a showing of “Hocus Pocus”.

The best way to keep track of these events is to follow “City of Trenton, Ohio” on Facebook. They do a fantastic job of communicating with the community about all the upcoming fun events for the entire family to enjoy.

Play Structures

This playground has two play structures. A small toddler play structure and a larger big kid accessible play structure. They are located next to each other with limited space between the two – however – the toddler play structure is very compact keeping it perfectly safe for the little ones as I can’t see the bigger kids having any interest in this smaller structure at all.

The large structure has both ramped access + various climbing ladders + rock walls. In fact – this play structure has some unique elements that I have yet to encounter anywhere else in this area. One of these unique features is the climb across narrow passageway. My 7 year old could easily navigate it, however, I’d be a bit nervous with an adventurous 3 year old giving it a go without some assistance.

There is something to see or do around every curve of this playground. There are several slides including dual racer slides, small slides for the little tots (even on the bigger play structure), imagination play “shop window” and dinosaur puzzles (yes really!)

The small toddler structure also has some unique features such as a cute little bench and plenty of gizmos to twist, turn and re-arrange.



Swings at this time have not been updated. Four  baby swings, two regular swings – next to the structure and the basketball courts. There was some construction occurring at the time of this visit, however, so if anything changes – I will update this review.


There are several benches around the play structure as well as three park shelters nearby. The benches are not intentionally shaded, but some of them do have some shade complements of mature trees in the park.


Visibility is fair here – just don’t dress your child in blue or gray and you should be able to keep track of them fairly easily. This playground is very very very blue!

Parking and Safety

There is plenty of parking here.

This is not a fenced in playground, however, most of it is bordered by just large open grassy space. The nearby parking is the only major hazard and there is some distance between the parking lot and the play structure.

The ground is mostly soft play turf with some concrete paths weaving in between the two play structures.


Four individual bathrooms are located in a building next to the playground – just a couple of feet away. This is convenient for little ones.

Birthdays and Gatherings

This is a fantastic park for a birthday party. The shelters are in close proximity to the playground and the bathrooms. There is plenty of open field space for playing games or for setting up additional chairs. The shelters appear to be well maintained.

“The shelters within the City’s parks can be rented free of charge by City residents, but you must have a reservation. Reservations are booked on a first-come basis. To book your reservation, please contact the City of Trenton at 513-988-6304, ext. 150 and ask for Sharon”

Overall Impression

This is a very nice park and well worth a visit if you live nearby. It’s about a 15 minute drive for us and I will be adding this one to our summer rotation.

There’s a nice paved walking path that circles around the large grassy area and would be perfect for learning to ride a bike or for just a nice morning stroller.