Fairfield Township Community Park

Fairfield Township Community Park

This little community park is located at the corner of Morris and Millikin Rd in Fairfield Township.

Small, easily accessible. I would not recommend this park as a “destination” – but if you live within 15 minutes of the park – it is definitely a nice spot for an afternoon of play.

Play Structure:

One play structure with several slides (racer, enclosed, swirl) and a rock climbing feature. One set of blue racer slides is particularly slick. A small “crash pad” is present to cushion the fall. 

Despite the lack in variety of actual play structures, the variety of slides kept my preschooler entertained for well over an hour. It also has several ladders and steps for children to work on climbing skills.

No toddler structure. An 18+ month old skilled walker is able to play on the main structure but may feel overwhelmed if a lot of older children are present.

A very basic swing set is also available with a baby swing and typical swings. One accessible swing is available with harness belt.


This park features several “sit on rocker animals” as well as a giant “web” climbing feature which is going to be a major draw for the ages 3+ crowd.

There is also some sort of strange moving apparatus. I’m not sure what the exact use of it is but my son had fun testing his balance with walking and crawling along it.


Fair visibility. If you have a small child that isn’t quite aware of the dangers of walking right off the edge – you will need to patrol the structure. If you have older children (3+) who are aware of ladders and slides, you can easily sit in one spot and watch for any major dangers or wandering off. Two long benches are located near the structure.

Safety Concerns:

The only barrier between the play structure and the busy road is a patch of grass. It’s a fair distance away from the road – but if you have a particularly wild child – it may be of concern. The ground cover is traditional mulch with a concrete sidewalk surrounding.


Limited. I have seen this parking lot full on nice spring evenings as this is a convenient park for a bit of after work playtime. Parking is very convenient to the park.


Short paved walking path.


Two covered picnic shelters with several tables near the play structure. There is also a large gazebo with wrap-around bench and a round picnic table.


Besides the accessible swing – this park is not designed for children with mobility concerns.

Potty Training:

Restrooms are available on site. Running water + changing table.

I wouldn’t travel from other neighborhoods for this park but if you are in the area – it is perfect for a simple no frills kind of play. It is clean and well maintained by the township.