Clippard Park

Clippard Park
3514 Bevis Lane
Colerain Township, OH 45251

Talk about a hidden gem.

This beautiful park is located in the middle of a neighborhood in Colerain Township. In order to access this park – you must drive on the road between Outback Steakhouse and Aspen Dental and through the neighborhood. Follow signs for the appropriate left hand turn to access this park. It is surprisingly quite beautiful – surrounded by mature trees.

It is a large park – 15+ acres with baseball fields, walking paths and a dry and wet playground.

Colerain Parks used to require a vehicle permit but that is no longer true so access is free.

Play Structure

Fully accessible playground with ADA ramps. This has several slides – both covered and uncovered as well as “racing slides”. Several ladders to access structure in addition to the ramp – One ladder looks like the double helix of DNA! Structure has some shaded areas but is mostly exposed to the sun. There is a rock climbing wall as well as a rocky ledge climbing feature. The rocky ledge (gray color in picture) is quite difficult and is slippery when wet! There is a metal “teeter-totter”. There are “chairs and tables” located underneath the structure for shade or pretend to play. The structure features many “stop and play” activities with a telescope, knobs to turn, things to spin, etc. The ground is a standard synthetic material.

No toddler area.

Unique Features

There is a row of musical instruments on the ground level of the play area (pictured). This will definitely provide an opportunity to teach the importance of sharing and turn taking 😉 🤣


Accessible Harness swings, baby swings, regular swings.


Visibility is pretty good here when it isn’t busy. While there are some areas that are slight “blind spots” – it is in general very easy to keep track of your kid. The structure is surrounded by big grassy planes so it is apparent when a tot begins to wonder off beyond the structure.

If you hit this place on a hot summer day – when the sprinklers are running and kids are everywhere – it can be difficult to remain in one place and keep an eye on your children.

This park is also popular with Daycare groups and can become busy quickly during the summer months when the water feature is on.


Many seating options includes benches, “porch swings”, and picnic tables. Some are shaded. Some are not. There are two reservable shelters near the playground.


This structure is slippery when wet – especially the ladders. No real separation between the splash area and the playground.

There is also a “teeter-totter” which could be dangerous if the sizing of the children is not relatively equal – a much larger kid sending a smaller child sky-high.

Potty Training

Running water restroom facility adjacent to playground and splash pad. Two stalls. Handicap stall had a changing table and is big enough to accommodate a stroller. Restroom closed during Winter.

Splash Pad!

This is a really nice Splash pad. It has water features that shoot from the ground and splash from above. It is open from 11am to 7pm Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Plenty of dry seating around the splash area.

There is a Skate Park per signage that I saw. We did not see the skate park.

This is a fun park to spend a couple of hours. The seating arrangement with shaded “umbrellas” is much nicer than many parks that lack any shade for parents. This may just be me..But I Did find the yellow and red colors of the structure to be a bit numbing to look at after awhile.

Plus..plenty of nearby shopping and restaurants to make a day of the area!