A Revisit To Dudley Memorial Park – an Updated Review

Dudley Memorial Park

5700 Yankee Road
Liberty TownshipOH 45044

A lot has changed at Dudley Memorial Park since we last visited a year ago – so we decided to pay them a visit today to see the changes for ourselves.

The biggest change is FENCING! Nearly the entire playground is now fenced with a beautiful wooden fence. Not only is it fenced, but the fence is also adorned with comfortable wooden benches. I was able to plop myself down on one of the benches closest to the opening of the fenced area while the kids played – mini vacation!

The second recent update to Dudley Memorial Park is that a new housing development is being built directly in front of the park. It will be a small community titled “Arbor Park”. While I personally think this new development is a bit of eye-sore from the park (especially at it’s under construction) – the people who buy into this community will have a great park right at their doorstep.

Many of the other things stated in my original review hold true for this park – still outhouse style potties – which is a major downfall now that I’ve got one out of diapers.

Check below for my previous review of this park!

Dudley Memorial Park