Cottell Park: A Real Beauty

Cottell Park
5847 Irwin Simpson Rd
Mason, OH 45040

Cottell Park is eclectic but well-developed. This is a large park that is equally enjoyable on a trip with the kids or a solo stroll around the park grounds. While it is located adjacent to very busy streets – you feel like you’re somewhere beautiful and remote while in this park.

This park features two playgrounds. Today’s review will focus on the main playground closest to Snider Rd.

Play Structures

Two large play structures – one geared for toddlers and the other for older children. A sidewalk separates the two. Due to the similar color scheme of both structures – I have labeled the toddler play structure pictures accordingly. This is one of the nicest toddler play structures we have encountered. Many times the toddler section seems like an after thought – as if two year olds don’t go to playgrounds – but this one is large with several slides including a dual “racer slide”. It has tunnels, steering wheels, and rock climbing walls.

The larger structure features multiple slides, a pseudo-rock structure, rock climbing walls, a view-finder device, rope structures, several ladders and various other fun climbing features. It also has a bridge within the structure.

Both playground structures are quite slippery when wet!


Is it not the best. It’s not the worst. There are several benches surrounding the structure and I moved around to each one throughout my visit today. The benches closest to the parking lot and on the opposite side closest to the picnic shelter give you best visibility. These benches allow you to watch for a breakaway move toward the pond or street but there will always be times when you cannot see your child unless you move.

If your children are younger (3 and under) – I definitely recommend visiting in the early morning hours (Prior to 10:00am) to avoid the larger children and crowded structure.


Vomit inducing spin chairs. Pictured and labeled. Once a child starts spinning on one of these swivel seats – it is very difficult to stop moving. Witnessed two children hurl their breakfast this morning.

Larger play structure features a binocular view finder that allows a child to peek through and see the island inside the pond. It’s pretty neat. And actually works.


Two baby swings, 4 regular swings. No accessible swings.


Play structure is not accessible nor do they have accessible swings.


The play structure is a fair distance from parking and the street but there is a nearby pond. Before my son learned boundaries and to stay near the play structure – this playground made me a nervous wreck so it may be best to wait until your child is able to stay within the confines of the play area before venturing here. Attached is a picture that shows the distance so that you can make an informed choice!


Large parking lot – 1 to 2 minute walk to reach from the playground depending on how many kids you are dragging away to go home.

Potty Training

Restroom with flush toilets adjacent to playground. Three stalls in women’s restroom. Handicap stall has changing table and is large enough to accommodate a stroller.


Covered first come picnic shelter attached to restroom facility and in view of the playground and pond. Several other “tent covered” picnic tables and several benches.

Walking Path

Walking path circles the entire park. Mostly flat. Paved. Some shade.

This park is home to a beautiful Veteran’s Memorial. It is well done and touching. I was not comfortable photographing it.

A large white home sits in the center of this park property. It is a gorgeous old home surrounded by beautiful landscaping.

The park features several basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer fields.

This park also features a free library box. Take a book if you’re looking for something new to read – leave a book the next time you visit!

This park is peaceful but it is also very popular. It is not uncommon to see 30 to 40 kids playing on the structures. It is also a popular destination for summer camp groups.

Enjoy your visit to Cottell Park!