Bicentennial Park: A Fully Enclosed Playground!

Bicentennial Park
2885 Diehl Rd
Cincinnati 45211

The West side is the best side…right? Today we are hitting up Bicentennial Park – which is located just a short drive (less than 5minutes) from Putz’s Creamy Whip – talk about convenience for those hot summer days that just scream icecream and playground! I’d like to give them a shout out. My son dropped his cone almost as soon as he got it (and was seconds from tears). I went to buy him a new one and they very kindly gave him a replacement. ❤

Play Structure

A toddler structure, big kid structure, and an obstacle course/fitness course. This park really does have something for everyone. I have seen a lot of older kids (who might otherwise be too cool for the playground) challenging each other to the monkey bars and other stand alone obstacles. The structures are nice. Nothing particularly stand out – but well maintained and fun. Lots of slides, climbing walls, steps and ladders. There is a three person racer slide. Toddler structure has a dinosaur game. Both structures have some shade. Slides were a little warm to the touch but not skin scorching. Structures are both fairly large and separate by distance and picnic tables.


This is where things get fun. THIS PLAYGROUND IS ENTIRELY GATED! You cannot escape without opening and closing the gate which requires some height,strength and know-how. This will keep those run away toddlers and preschoolers contained!


I have not been this relaxed at a park in quite awhile. No major concerns with the structures. There are a few open ledges for ladders so you’ll need to keep an eye if your child hasn’t quite learned to not just take a blind step off the side – but otherwise – seems very safe. Difficult to escape. Soft ground. Some cement near the picnic tables and my son did take a nose dive while running and scraped a knee.


Lots of it – adjacent to play structure.


Several nice tables – but limited shade for the tables. We chose to sit under the trees instead. Large, nice rentable shelter but it is not near the playground.


No swings.


Play structures are not accessible.

Potty Training

No Park is perfect and this is where this park loses some points. Flush toilets but it is a hike to the bathrooms – up to 5 minutes if you’re dragging two kids with you (one of whom does not want to leave). I could not locate a changing table.

This Park is a whopping 35 minute drive for me. It is SO worth it to have that peace of mind that my preschooler isn’t wandering into the woods while I’m tending to the baby. Give this park some love!

Add a gated splash pad and snack bar and this park would be just about perfect!