Imaginations Run Wild at Dig ‘N Play – Update for 2020

Dig ‘N Play

9405 Cincinnati Columbus Rd. (Rt.42)

West Chester, OH 45069   

I was originally granted access to a sneak peek of the new Dig ‘N Play in 2019 prior to their Grand Opening, but decided to return to visit a fully operational Dig N’ Play once the dust had settled and once they had established their place in the world of indoor play areas.


Under 2 = 4 dollars,

Children under the age of one are free with a paid sibling.

Children Older than 2 = 8 dollars

No cost for adults.

Check website for current hours as hours do vary slightly based on private parties.

The Dig

Instead of talking about the play structure first, let’s jump straight into the name of this place and start with the “Dig“. The dig in Dig ‘N Play refers to the giant sandbox located front and center. It is styled like a sand table rather than a sand box. It’s filled with various toys including trucks, shovels, buckets, cups and some dinosaurs. We enjoyed burying the dinosaurs and going on our own little scavenger hunt to find them. The sandbox is high enough that kids should not be tempted to take a seat within it. They have added several tall (and sturdy stools) as well as a large platform to make the sandbox even more accessible to younger kids.

The PlayStructure

Three stories of well-designed fun. This play structure features two medium height racer-style slides, several punching bags, climbers, rollers, and an “observation bubble”. It has a fun color scheme of teal and purple which is aesthetically pleasing (and reminiscent of those cups from the 90’s…you totally know what I’m talking about).  Plenty of soft padding at the base of the slides. Cubbies for shoes located directly next to the play structure. Both my 4 year old and my 2 year old were able to independently play on this – I did not have to climb up to retrieve a lost crying toddler at all.


Two Inflatables. One is a typical “bounce house” and the other is a set of racing slides.  The inflatables are staffed to prevent over crowding and ensure safety. They do a nice job of rotating groups of kids in and out to avoid “long line meltdowns” and once the initial thrill of the inflatables opening was over – kids were pretty well able to play on them for as long as they wanted. Open inflatable times are updated on their Facebook page and vary throughout the week. I feel that there is enough at Dig N Play to occupy children without the inflatables being open, but it is a nice bonus to come when they are available.

Baby Area

There is a small baby area tucked into a corner. It’s cozy and comfortable. It is fenced in to prevent older kids from entering and new crawlers from escaping. The area is  warm, inviting, and well organized area with books, large plush blocks, soft carpets and plenty of toys for Dig ‘n Play’s smallest visitors. The space allows for a great viewpoint of the rest of the facility if you are here with older children.

Children under the age 1 are free with a paid older sibling.

Other Types of Play at Dig ‘N Play

While Dig ‘N Play has a very open floorplan, there are some obvious stations located along the perimeter. There is a lego section which currently has lego plates on the wall for building, containers of legos, and also a lego build-top table. The center area is made up of train tables.

One of my favorite features is a dreamy dress up area with mirrors, super hero costumes, princess dresses, military outfits and more. The adjacent corner is an imagination station – with pretend play kitchens and pretend foods and an adorable pretend play icecream station. 




The goal of Dig ‘N Play was to design an open play area for parents to be able to supervise but not have to police. One of my biggest pet peeves with indoor play places is when I lose complete track of where my kids are and they could easily make a run for a door without me knowing or end up crashing a birthday party at the back of the play area. Or maybe even get into a shoving match with another kid and I don’t even know because I’m clear on the other side with my other child and a different activity.

I do believe Dig ‘N Play did a great job of achieving their goal. I have two very different children. My daughter is a bit more timid and looks for approval before trying something new. My son is wild, outgoing, and extremely impulsive. I did not feel any panic when I did briefly lose track of them. There is a gate at the entrance so that children cannot escape the building without an adult.

Potty Training and Nursing

Something very unique here is that within the family restrooms, they have mini preschool sized flush toilets. Changing tables are also present. They do have a separate room for nursing mothers which is very comfortable. Bathrooms are convenient to the play area.

Location and Parking

Parking seems plentiful enough. It is located directly behind East of Chicago pizza with the entrance being on the side of the building.


Plenty of seating in the cafe area and throughout the play area. They do operate on a number system, order your food, take a number to your table, and it will be brought to you. This allows you to return to monitoring your children quickly – rather than standing around waiting for food.

We ordered a couple of soft pretzels and a turkey swiss wrap. Pricing was fair. Pretzels and wrap were thoroughly enjoyed.

They do also offer wine, mimosas, beer, and specialty coffee.

Highchairs are available.

Birthday Parties

Birthday party packages available on their website. Prices begin at 150 (weekday only) to 400 to rent the entire facility.


Socks are required. No shoes allowed on inflatables or climbing structure.

No outside food or drink.

Closed on Wednesday.

Visit their website and fill in the waiver ahead of time. It only takes a few minutes.

Like and follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on special events.