Learning Through Play Cafe: An Indoor Play Space

6844 Tylersville Rd
West Chester Ohio 45069
Across from the cone 😉

I’ll be 100% honest – I’ve done the Play Cafe experience before and I’ve usually left less than impressed and would make return visits only when desperate for some indoor activities.

This place is different.

It is apparent within five minutes of play here that a lot of tender loving care went into the design of this place. Everything that is wrong with other Play Cafes – this place has perfected.

Play Structure

They have one large structure with two slides – big kid and little kid. There are steps and ladders to access the structure with tunnels and hiding nooks underneath. The color scheme is visually appealing – light teal with light colored wood.

Extra Play

Not only do they have the large structure – they also have a plethora of toys. Trucks, dinosaurs, a grocery store checkout lane with toy groceries, a Disney Little People castle, a globe, soft building blocks, train set. So.many.toys!


No safety concerns here. The flooring in the play area is soft. Everything was very clean. The area is boxed in with only two “exits”.


So much parking right at the door step. Seriously. Parking is not a concern here.


This IS what makes this place golden. The visibility here is amazing. How many times have you gone on a play date only to spend the entire time chasing your kid around while the other person chases their kid in the other direction? You never even finish a conversation. Bigger areas are not always better and this is proven here. I could see my kids 99% of the time – both of them – and that 1% that I lost sight – I wasn’t worried because there really isn’t anywhere for them to sneak off too. I’ve had my kid escape another Play Cafe, run through the dining area, and almost make it to the front door which opens to a busy street. Ain’t going to happen here. It’s open concept and just the right size. I actually got to sit down and relax for a few minutes and that is RARE with a 3 year old and 1 year old. Rare!


Plenty of cafe style chairs and tables around the play area. They also have high chairs which are readily available. No need to completely leave the play area to help one of your kids with a snack here.

Potty Training

2 bathrooms right off the play area with changing tables and a step stool for little ones. They are spacious and can easily hold you + all your little ones.


They do crafts here – on a regular schedule. The crafts are themed for the month. Today – I believe I saw kids painting trees and turkeys. My 3 year old doesn’t craft  but I almost wanted to go sit down and do the craft myself. Adorable set up.


I didn’t try any of the food today – other than prepackaged snacks – and I’m not a coffee drinker – but everything looked great and was priced appropriately. The coffee smelled so good that I was almost tempted to buy one even though coffee is really really not my thing. The counter area is clean, beautifully decorated and very aesthetically pleasing to look at. We left before lunch since we pretty much opened the place up at 9am


5 dollars per kid or purchase a play pass for 40 dollars for ten visits. Well worth the cost and a great value compared to other indoor attractions.


They sell bath products, mom life shirts, toys, and various other items.


Everyone we interacted with was very pleasant and helpful.