Marvel and Trains, Oh My!

Marvel and Trains, Oh My!

I don’t know about anyone else – but End Game has me in Marvel fever right now. I’m looking forward to the launch of Disney+ streaming service and the original Marvel content that will be available. Apparently it will all be connected to the Cinematic universe? Whaaat? An entire series about the Scarlet Witch? Sign me up. Take all my money.

While my son is too young for the Marvel movies – he is enthralled by the Disney shorts and Marvel cartoons available to him. If you are finding yourself with a Marvel-obsessed child to entertain – check out Entertrainment Junction this month (May, 2019).

Scattered throughout their train displays are marvel villains (Do we classify Loki as a villain…or just an opportunist?)  and Super Heroes!

This is something that I absolutely love about Entertrainment Junction. They keep it fresh. While they always have a scavenger hunt (we still haven’t found all the dinosaurs!) – they often add surprise elements to keep you on your toes. My son had an absolute blast finding the super heroes today and we hope to return before month’s end to find the few that we missed!

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