The Reserves: Accessible Park in Liberty Township

A picture of the play structure at The Reserves Park in Liberty Township

The Reserves Park
5119 Grandin Ridge Dr
Liberty Township, OH 45011

Did anyone else spend their childhood summers shuffling from campground to campground – fishing lake to fishing lake? There was always a playground off the side – the construction of which must have been an after thought. The playground was usually metal – the kind that scorches the skin right off the back of your legs. A spiderweb stretched the circumference of the covered slide and you’d usually holler for your dad to come and remove it with a stick.

While this playground is adjacent to a small fishing pond – it is not reminiscent of the after-thought playgrounds of my childhood.

Despite not appearing like much – this is one of my favorite playgrounds in Butler County. Let’s talk about why.


There is a lot of punch here in not a lot of space. This was well designed! Several slides – including a three-slide piece perfect for racing. It has many access points and climbing features including rock walls, steps, ramps and ladders. The equipment is rocking a pretty fun color combo as pictured and definitely seems to be unique to this particular playground. Due to the size of this structure – toddlers through 1st grade will be most entertained.

Unique Features

So many unique features here!

1) Musical instruments built into the structure including drums and chimes.

2) A rock wall that acts as a passage between one portion of the playstructure to the other.

3) An old fashioned stand-alone metal slide near the pond.



This playground is in close proximity to the parking lot as well as a pond and I’m not sure which makes me more nervous.

The parking lot is small so speed is minimal – usually just people very slowing inching out of spaces.

The pond is several feet from the stand alone slide – but I’d be a bit nervous to be too far off from a “sprinting toddler” when they are playing on that slide.

The rock structure between the two portions of the play structure can be a bit much for new walkers who may want to try but don’t quite have their balance figured out.


Limited though I have never seen it full. This playground is located within a subdivision. I believe many of the patrons are residents of that subdivision and they simply walk to play. Parking is also available at the “sister park” – Fort Liberty Playland.


Several accessible features. Large swing seat with five point harness AND a wheelchair platform swing. The play structure has a ramp allowing access to portions including the musical Instruments.


Reservable shelter with picnic table and charcoal park grill.


Walking trail connects this park with Fort Liberty Playland. It is a paved trail though it lacks shade and is a bit hilly.

Potty Training

Not ideal. One port-a-potty is located adjacent to this playground. There are out-house style restrooms at the sister park – Fort Liberty – but that can be a good 10 minute walk with kids and they aren’t the best restrooms.

Some negatives for this park include:

1)No baby swings! This playground has accessible swings and regular swings but no swings for the littlest kids.

2) Traffic noise! This park is near 129 – so close in fact that you can see trucks driving past through the foliage. It can be quite noisy in the still of the early morning – though if a lot of kids are playing that traffic noise is hardly noticeable.