Endless Fun with Children’s Magazines

As we head into the colder months here in Southwest Ohio, I find myself looking for ways to not just entertain my children but also enrich them. It’s easy when the weather is lovely and we can spent countless hours engaged in physical activity and enjoying the world around us, but winter is a different beast.

Last year, we were gifted a couple of children’s magazine subscriptions as part of a fundraiser for my son’s school (got to love grandparents.) Two of our favorites are High Five, which is part of the Highlight’s family of magazines, as well as Humpty Dumpty.

So Why Subscribe?

These magazines contain so many activities for the little ones! The colorful pages draw you in with stories, puzzles, recipes and crafts. Some issues even help little ones develop skills in another language in a fun and engaging way! While the internet is so full of so many blogs and webpages dedicated to children’s activities, actually having the magazine in hand allows my children to find activities that they will enjoy doing. There’s something nostalgic and sweet about a child getting a magazine out of a mailbox, a piece of mail just for them! I see my son’s face light up when he comes across an activity that he wants to try. The crafts and recipes are usually specific to upcoming holidays or seasonal foods making them an easy way to celebrate the season. If a subscription is outside your budget, be sure to check your local library. Many stock these magazines on shelf with the capability to take them home just like a library book!