Omni FunPlex

Omni FunPlex

12171 Omniplex Ct.,
Cincinnati, OH 45240


Who remembers the Arcade at Northgate Mall? Forest Fair Mall’s Giant Ferris Wheel? Discovery Zone? These were the places of my youth – fun exciting places to go that didn’t seem to totally break the bank like a trip to King’s Island might.

But for some reason – these places slowly disappeared. One by one. Except Chuck E Cheese.

But the 2010’s seem to be the revitalization of the indoor amusement centers and for that I am thankful. Perhaps we have finally all realized that we are all just big kids – if these places can be successful in vacation destinations like Pigeon Forge and Ft. Myers – why not here as well?

And so – let’s review and discuss the newest addition to these centers…Omni FunPlex.


275 Winton Rd Exit. old Kmart building across Winton from Bass Pro Shop.


Arcade games, virtual reality, laser tag, bowling and trampoline park.


Mostly ticket arcade games. As with most arcade – they operate on a card system. You load credits to a card and swipe away. The games were all in working order. They featured classics like skeeball, air hockey and basketball as well as some racing games and Jurassic Park shooters. The games are mostly geared toward 6+ years old. They didn’t have much of a selection that my toddler would be interested in and that’s ok. It’s not their demographic.

Virtual Reality

This was something that I had no interest in but after experiencing it – oh my god – this is awesome.

Select a mission – fight zombie-like creatures, samurai battles or throw snowballs at Penguins. You’re set up with virtual reality masks, given guns, and with 3 other people in an enclosed monitored area (see pictures) you battle enemies. You really do feel like you’ve been swept away into a whole new location and to be frank – it is really scary when those zombie creatures charge at you.

Rounds are about 8 minutes which feels just right. While you are working cooperatively with the others – you do compete for first place on the team. 🥇

Be prepared to duck, move side to side, fire your gun and maybe scream a little.


Bowling lanes are nice with comfortable seating and tables for drinks Various “modes of play” in addition to traditional bowling. For example – an angry birds mode that requires that you knock down specific “pig” pins.

I do think a reservation system will need to be enacted at some point for lanes.

Laser Tag

This was my favorite activity. Two stories of fun – with places to hide behind and scope out your friends. Vests were comfortable and spacious enough to fit adults. Your score is recorded so – plenty of material to brag with after the round. (Unless you’re me – I wasn’t very good 😂 I should probably stick with video games). You will work out up sweat with this.

Trampoline Park

The trampoline park is huge. I didn’t participate in this activity but everyone seemed to be having a blast. It is for 6+ only and has an entire list of rules which will be in the pictures attached.

Food and Drinks

They have Pepsi products and various beers at a bar setting. They also have select food items.


They have birthday party packages – which are very customizable to meet your needs.

Potty Training

Clean restrooms. Family and accessible also available.


This was an adults only venture for our group but there were some kids around. I would really recommend this place for 6 years old and older – but to be totally honest – on Saturday night – it was mostly all adults having a good time. They do not allow preteens and teenagers to hang out unattended – they must have a guardian older than 25 with them.


Check their website for current pricing and specials. They do have a fall promotion right now that allows for unlimited bowling, Virtual reality and Laser Tag for 24 dollars which is an amazing deal. This is only available certain days and certain hours.


My main complaint is staffing. As this place grows – they will definitely need to adjust their staffing. Many of the workers seemed to be ran ragged from trying to manage several activities at once. For example – you may line up at laser tag and be standing there for five minutes before the attendant is able to give you directions or even acknowledge that your group is present. This is because one person is running laser tag and they are inside monitoring the current game. There is a sign directing you where to stand while you wait but I imagine that this could be chaotic as crowds grow.

Overall – we had a great time. Would highly recommend a visit.